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Nick Liazis, Owner

Nick opened Nick’s Bistro in October of 2014, wanting to create a place where everyone who walks in the door feels like family. He loves mingling with people and creating lasting relationships.

Nick is a career restaurateur, having co-owned the Campus Pizza House at Lafayette College, Easton PA, and Mt. Joy Diner in Mt. Joy, PA. He also solely-owned the Century Diner in Bally, PA.

In the beginning, Nick attended York Vo-Tech for electronics and worked in the restaurant business. As the world advanced and electronics changed, Nick discovered he was more interested in the restaurant business so he decided to work from the ground up – washing dishes.

Nick came across many people who influenced him over the years. Two people in particular are Chef Jerry Crawly and Frank Kendra. Chef Crawly was always there for Nick and one specific conversation with Chef Crawly helped Nick continue to follow his dreams. He said, “You were born to feed the people. Give the people what they want.” Nick knew Chef Crawly saw something in him that no one else did and these words of encouragement have stuck with Nick ever since. Frank Kendra, a retired chef and businessman, not only provided Nick with guidance in life but also words of wisdom. He reminded Nick about what it takes to achieve goals – he said, “Success works, only if you do.” Nick is forever thankful for those he has known and those who still stand by his side, supporting him.

When he’s not at Nick’s Bistro, Nick is spending time with family – mainly his mother and daughter. He proudly boasts that his daughter is the light of his life and enjoys every minute he has with her.

James David Kegel, Chef

Chef Kegel came to Nick’s Bistro in 2014, bringing his culinary experience and desire to invent balanced, delectable and eye-pleasing plates. Originally from Lancaster PA, Chef Kegel grew up loving to eat. He decided to take his love for food another step further by attending the Culinary Institute of America before traveling to states like New York, South Carolina, and Maryland. After returning to Lancaster, Chef Kegel became part of his family-owned business – the popular Kegel’s Seafood Restaurant in Lancaster. Soon, Chef Kegel was brought into Nick’s Bistro and ever since, has been not only cooking everyday favorites but also a elegant featured items menu with his own creations.

Chef Kegel feels he doesn’t specialize in one type of cuisine; instead, he specializes in satisfaction. He hopes to appeal to all the senses from the when the plate is set in front of you to the taste of the first bite – and every one after. When it comes to planning the featured items menu, he said, “I think about how textures and flavors will marry, what will be the visual appeal, and how to combine ingredients without complicating the dish. I strive to bring an enjoyable experience to every guest.”

When Chef Kegel is not in the kitchen at Nick’s Bistro, he is visiting with his children.